Self-Diagnosis and Treatment

Introduction If you’re into action movies, this is a familiar scene: the protagonist of the story having been shot, but still able to fight off hordes of enemies, now urgently self-examining, and self-treating. He bites down on his belt as he pours sugar on his wound, or cauterizes it with a tiger torch. He knows […]

Morning Meditations: Assurance

I’ve been reading Jonathan Edwards masterpiece “Religious Affections” as part of my morning devotions and he a few more gems for me this morning: “It is not God’s design that men should obtain assurance in any other way than by mortifying corruption, and increasing in grace, and obtaining lively exercises of it.”  Many people struggle […]

Morning Meditations: Holy Discontentment

Jonathan Edwards argues that if we truly grasped “The great things of religion” as he calls them, our hearts would be greatly moved. He is absolutely right. Think about it, if God is as glorious as Scripture says, then for a person to know this God, to have a true apprehension of even a fraction […]

In Response (part 2)

Introduction To pick up where we left off, there were a number of other comments that I received, some of which I think hit some of the core issues. If you haven’t followed last month’s events, I wrote a piece in early June titled why Altona shouldn’t have a gay pride parade, which generated some […]

In Response…

My last post has generated some online discussion. There were a few specific questions, and a number of common threads running through the comments from those who took issue with what I said. Here are my answers to the objections:  Aren’t you just picking and choosing which Biblical laws you are keeping? This is a […]

Why Altona should not have a Gay Pride Parade

The following is a letter to the editor of the Altona Rhineland voice that I submitted. Time will tell if it gets printed. In the mean time, with the parade date approaching, I thought it wise to self-publish. Here is my letter: Introduction: One of the roles of the Church is to function as a […]

You become what you do

Introduction None of us is exactly who we were a year ago. We all change in various ways. For the Christian, we are striving to grow in godliness. We are aiming to improve ourselves; our character, our habits, and our behaviours. In this post I want to discuss the importance of seemingly small decisions.  Trajectories […]


Introduction We are fighting a culture war. Inevitably so. I believe it was Henry Van Til who defined culture as “religion externalized.” Culture is therefore a worldview made evident. As Joe Boot writes: “To illustrate practically, if a person travels to Saudi Arabia, Syria or Pakistan, they experience Islamic culture – expressed in everything from […]